We are here to assist you with establishing your own subcontractor/franchise business.

Although we cannot guarantee you a position or a specific income structure, we CAN provide you with the opportunity to meet with prospective companies to discuss the possibilities open to you.

"We can open doors for you…"

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The 5-step process:

1) You attend an interview with one of our business consultants to determine what kind of business/work you want to enter, what equipment/van or truck you have, and whether you require funding. You will also be pre-screened to make sure you meet the specific criteria needed to be able to work as a subcontractor for one or more of the companies we work with.

2) You will need to pay the service fee and fill out the required documents.

3) Once the above criteria have been met, we then arrange for you to contact the various companies we partner with and arrange a mutually acceptable time for an interview. Ned, our Company Relations Manager, will work with you to find the best suited company for your requirements. During this interview, you can get an idea about the position and ask any questions you may have regarding job duties, working conditions, type of work, expected earnings, etc.

4) Once you have accepted an offer and agree to subcontract to that particular company, you will have a start date subject to the availability of your equipment/franchise fit-out, van or truck. If you don’t already have the equipment/van or truck, then you need pre-approval for funding. Once you have a pre-approval for funding, we will start the process of finding the right equipment/franchise fit-out, van or truck for you. This must meet company standards and must be mechanically sound and road-worthy certified.

5) The invoices are sent to the funding company and the contract for funding is then sent to you via email. You will need to digitally sign the contract, pay the required bond and provide a certificate of currency noting VIN number and "Finance Company" as the interested party. We will refer you to Elders insurance to speed up this process. The seller of the equipment/franchise fit-out, van or truck is paid once the funding settles and you can start work.

On payment of the service fee and provided that the required documents have been completed and submitted, you are immediately placed in our system and in our database.

The documentation required initially is:

 Copy of current driver's licence

 Copy of Medicare card

 Copy of utility bill or bank statement

 Copy/ABN number (if applicable)


After the interview and in order for us to keep updated information on your file, we ask that you contact us immediately and let us know how the interview went. From here, we are able to take the next step in progressing you through our system, and hopefully get you to a permanent position.


We have various options open to us in providing you with the necessary vehicle and equipment you may need in your new position. These options are explained to you during the interview process.

However, we are able to go through these again once you have been offered a placement.

Once we commence this process, it takes approximately 1 week. We keep you advised every step of the way and organise with you to collect the equipment you need for your work contract.

When you commence your new subcontractor position, you are not alone. We stay in touch with you to ensure you are settled and everything is running smoothly.

We view this as a two-way process. That is why it is very important for you to keep in touch with us every step of the way.